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Version: v1.1.0

Try out Hello Plugin

Allxon Octo SDK is implemented in C++ and is available for 3^rd^ party developers to build plugins to connect devices to Allxon Portal. Through Allxon Octo SDK, you can build your own application to power your device on Allxon Portal. We call the application "plugin".

Let’s explore Hello Plugin built by Allxon Octo SDK. You can quickly know what a plugin looks like.


Your device must get online on Allxon Portal.


Following the steps below to get your device online on Allxon Portal:

  1. Install Allxon Agent on your device.
  2. Get a pairing code on your device. Then add your device on Allxon Portal.

Run Hello Plugin

Download Plugin Package

Download hello plugin archive and extract it. This archive is called a "plugin package".

mkdir extracted_folder
tar -xf plugin-hello-X.X.X-linux-x86_64.tar.gz -C extracted_folder

Check your platform and CPU architecture. For Linux, we only tested on Ubuntu ( > 18.04) and NVIDIA Jetson ( > l4t r32.6.1 )

And you will see an extracted folder hierarchy like this.

├── [APP_GUID]
│ ├── plugin-hello
│ ├── plugin_alert.json
│ ├── plugin_command_ack.json
│ ├── plugin_state.json
│ ├── plugin_update_template.json
│ └──

1 directory, 7 files

App GUID repesents this plugin's ID, and are used to install and uninstall your plugin.


App GUID indicates a plugin in particular platform. If you deploye a plugin on three different platforms, you get three different App GUIDs.

Execute Plugin

Next, you can manually execute the plugin.

cd extracted_folder/[APP_GUID]
./plugin-hello $(pwd)

Install Plugin

Alternatively, you can install the plugin on your device through Plugin Installer Script. Once installed,the plugin starts automatically.

sudo wget -qO - | sudo bash -s -- --app-guid [APP_GUID] --from-path [PLUGIN_PACKAGE]

# For Example
sudo wget -qO - | sudo bash -s -- --app-guid a8e873a1-e5df-43a2-928a-745ff9c94dfb --from-path plugin-hello-X.X.X-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Yay~ 🥳 Now, you should see Hello Plugin online on your device page.